modelling groundwater flooding

The costs and impacts of groundwater flooding in the UK are significant and the national financial risk is considerable; insurance companies estimate that groundwater flooding claims amount to between £50 million and £100 million per year.

The Chalk is the most vulnerable aquifer because its storage characteristics lead to rapid and large changes in groundwater levels, which can result in unexpected flooding events. However, there are no currently available methodologies applicable to any of the major UK aquifers that link rainfall to groundwater flood risk.

The aim of this FREE-funded project is to develop and validate improved modelling tools to enable prediction of current and future frequency and severity of groundwater flooding events.

Ground water flooding is also a huge problem in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people avoid contact with flood water due to possible contamination issues. They also recommend that you call a 911 if you are in immediate danger.

If you have flood water inside of your home or business due to broken, cracked or burst pipes, sewer overflow, toilet clogging or another plumbing related issue we recommend you call 1-877-DRPIPES or visit in your web browser to secure a plumber at your earliest convenience.

Groundwater flooding in Compton